Return, Refund & Change

Refunds and Exchanges:


  • We will refund anything that is our error and pay for the shipping fee for return and replace order.
  • We cannot refund due to customer's negligence.


    • Most of the time we have to start over with new rings. Since a resize is actually a totally new ring, it takes just as much material, work, and time as the original. Therefore, if a crafts needs to be remade, we ask for return of the items and 50% of the original cost just to cover our materials and part of our time.

    If you're unsure of the size you need, please don't guess at it, check our size measure site. It is so much easier and better in the long run to take the time in the beginning and get the correct size made the first time around.


    Contact Us:

    • Have a question or want to discuss a custom order?   3 ways to get in touch:
    • Send us a message at contact us page(Link need)
    • Send us a message to
    • Call us (323) 943-2255,As our time is GMT+8, Leave us a message is recommended. We will back to you ASAP